Mum Dad Plus 4

About Us

Welcome to our blog!

We are a married couple of 11 years, who have four kids under the age of 10 (I know!!) and have decided to start this blog to help us and others to navigate through this crazy parenting world!

I am Julia, a stay-at-home mom and the main writer for this blog, and my husband Darrel, who is a middle school teacher, will be adding in some content in between when he has time, although he will be helping with all the posts to make sure he’s put in his 2 cents too. As I said before we have four adorable kids, three girls and one boy (I think you need to wish him luck now!), they all have their own unique personalities and strengths, and they always make me smile!

Although we will be talking about parenting in this blog, however, there is so much more we want to talk about such as keeping a marriage strong, how to handle finances, caring for animals (we have a gorgeous labrador puppy called Ruby), and so many other things! The possibilities are endless when it comes to our blog and we hope that you enjoy what we have to say.

Stay safe and have a lovely day!