Your bathroom should be a clean sanctuary where you can have some alone time and freshen yourself up at any point during the day, so this is why it is vital that the bathroom is as clean and shiny it can be for when this moment arises.


This is the most important element of the bathroom to clean for obvious reasons and the one that people neglect because they are grossed out by touching it. So, the first thing that needs to happen is putting the toilet cleaner around the bowl and in the water, as well as anti-bacterial powder. Let this sit and use antibacterial wipes to clean the exterior of the toilet and make sure that it really shines and smells amazing. After you have wiped the toilet, you should then use a toilet brush to properly clean around the inside of the toilet and underneath the rim, then flush the toilet so that the product goes through the toilet system. You could then add freshers to the toilet so that it constantly smells great until the next time you deep clean the toilet.


All these parts of the bathroom should be sprayed with bleach or bathroom cleaner and left to soak for as long as possible. Then grab a cloth or sponge and scrub every element of the surface so that the spray gets lathered into the bath, shower, or sink. Then using boiling hot water, you should spray off all of the product, so you properly disinfect the area as well as trying to see whether you have missed any spots on any of the surfaces. You should also look at how to unclog a bathroom sink drain if it’s blocked. A blocked drain doesn’t allow dirt and grease to drain away properly, meaning your sink will get dirty much faster than if it drained freely.

Mirrors and Blinds

You should use glass cleaner to spray onto any mirrors and use a rag to clean it down. Always clean in one direction so either left to right or top to bottom so that you do not leave streaks all down the mirror and you have a shiny and clean mirror to look through. Then you should clean the blinds by getting a hoover or duster and going down each individual panel to make sure no dust is being scattered all around the room. These are often elements that people forget about and then they let down all the amazing cleaning that usually goes on in the bathroom.


You should get a mop or floor cleaner over the floors at least every two weeks to ensure that hygiene is at a high standard on the floor. Clothes, towels, and people’s feet all walk or land on the floor, so you want to make sure that germs are not being carried around from the house that came from the bathroom. Using floor cleaners ensures that you are disinfected the entire bathroom instead of leaving elements because they mean more cleaning and work, but hygiene is not a sacrifice that you are willing to make.

The bathroom is one of the toughest rooms to clean in the house because it is where a lot of bacteria manifests and there are lots of nooks and cranny’s to be cleaned. However, if you follow these tips, you should be one step closer to getting a completely clean and shiny bathroom that you will be proud to let guests use.