We all want our child to stand out, to be an individual not held back by any constraints. For many, this starts by choosing a name for them, something that defines them away from anyone else out there. While others are happy to simply choose a name that matches their child, or one that is pretty, elegant, or strong, others want them to stand out from the crowd. It’s understandable in many regards. We all had an experience growing up of being in class with two people of the same name, or at the very least heard about it.

However, we shouldn’t go too out there when it comes to a child’s name. Ensuring that our child won’t be bullied for having a name that is too outlandish is important too. We all know that, as lovely as they are, children can be cruel. With that in mind, choosing something strong for them is a good sign.

One of the good ways to find unique names are to go onto popular baby name ranking lists and go to the bottom of them, to choose from those names rarely seen in the population. If you and your partner happen to be bibliophiles, then you can also take inspiration from a List of Baby Names for Book Lovers. You can also go to choose some names that have a distinct meaning, to imbue your child with that legacy and to give them something to aspire to.

I’ve made a quick list of 20 boy and girl names below taken from some of the top baby name sites out there, but remember that you can mix and match between the two as you wish!

  1. Gray – Originating from the colour grey and also diminutive of Grayson.
  2. Dewey – Derived from the Welsh origin name, David and means spring.
  3. Danyon – Unknown origin, yet grown in popularity in the US in recent years.
  4. Titus – Greek origin and means ‘defender’.
  5. Walt – Shorthand for Walter, and classic due to the Walt Disney moniker.
  6. Layland – The origin of Layland is in the Old English language.
  7. Acer – English origin and a variant of the Old English name Acey which means ‘number one, the best’.
  8. Jetaime – More common as a girl’s name but can be a boy’s name too it’s derived from the French phrase meaning ‘I love you’.
  9. Adonis – Greek baby name meaning ‘handsome’, ‘a lord’.
  10. Pip – Greek baby name meaning ‘lover of horses’.
  11. Agata – Irish origin meaning ‘kind’.
  12. Italia –Italian origin meaning ‘Italy’.
  13. Iliana – Has its roots in the Greek word ‘hēlios’ meaning ‘sun’ or more specifically a ‘ray of light’.
  14. Rubena – Feminine of Reuben, it is of Hebrew origin meaning ‘see, a son’.
  15. Zarina – Of Muslim origin meaning ‘of gold, golden’.
  16. Lexis – Can be a boy’s name too, of Greek origin meaning ‘defender’.
  17. Arna – Hebrew origin meaning ‘mountain of strength’.
  18. Tayah – A variant of the name Taylor or Taylor, meaning ‘tailor’. May also be a pet name for Dorothea meaning ‘Gift of God’.
  19. Floriana – French origin meaning ‘flower’.
  20. Margot – French origin meaning ‘pearl’.

These names are just some examples, but feel free to use them if they feel right for your child! Remember: These days we shouldn’t be restricted by the same concerns that used to fill us when it comes to names. Just be sure to choose something that won’t be mocked, and that will help give your child strength. When they’re a little older, you can even talk to them about why you chose that name for them, and that can be a beautiful bonding moment that will last for a very long time, if not forever, between you. Names are a precious thing, after all.