Couples that enjoy a healthy sex life are often said to have a “good marriage.” While a “good marriage” may mean different things to different people, one thing is clear: a happy couple equals a happy relationship. And a happy relationship leads to healthy sex life.

Here are some tips to improve your sex life

Sex is fantastic, but it can get boring too, like every good thing. But there are ways you can liven up your sex life and keep you and your partner connected so you feel connected and able to share what you both want. These tips will hopefully help you in that quest:

  1. Stay Connected – Keeping your sex life alive is not difficult, and by staying connected with your partner, you will both share that sexy spark. You need to share and connect on different levels; this can then open you both up to what you need.
  2. Try All Kinds of Positions – Your relationship is strong, and you both want to spice up your relationship. But how? For first time couples, an often-overlooked approach is positions that are not only sensual but also physically stimulating. You can try a variety of positions to make your sex life more exciting and more physically stimulating.
  3. Make Sex a Ritual – The proper sex rituals can spice things up and strengthen the bond between you and your partner. It is a time to start fresh, try something new, and renew your commitment to one another. Setting yourself a time and place can help you both stick to something that you both want and cooperate on.
  4. Have a Good Time – The best way to keep in lust with your partner is to schedule a date night with them. Having a fun night together every so often, whether it is trying out a new restaurant or going to a retro dance club, not only helps with your relationship, but it also helps with your sex life. Make it a good time, do something fun beforehand to prepare yourselves.
  5. Add Skin to Skin Contact – It is not always easy to get intimate with a partner. There are plenty of reasons why sex might be harder for some than others. So, what is the secret to making sex better? For our partners, it is skin-to-skin contact. Yes, that is right. Skin-to-skin contact is the secret to creating a sex life that is based on connection, physically and mentally.
  6. Use Oral Sex – Heard about the 5-7-9 rule? It is a concept that has been floating around for years, and it is the idea that in order to have a strong sexual relationship, you and your partner should engage in oral for 5-7 minutes, for 7-9 minutes, and then be rewarded afterward (that is, have sex). The idea is that not only are you stimulating your partner, but you are also giving yourself a release. The concept of oral for 5-7-9 minutes works well for those seeking extra stimulation, but whether oral for 5 minutes is enough to satisfy you and your partner is another story.
  7. Take Time for You – In today’s busy world, it can be easy to let the tone of our relationships be dictated by our careers, family responsibilities, and stressful personal lives. However, it is important to make sure that you take time to focus on your relationship, and that includes setting aside time alone with your partner.
  8. Be Open to Your Partner – Sex is one of the great pleasures of life, but if you do not enjoy it, it can be difficult to be intimate with your partner. Being open to your partner is an important part of being sexually active, and opening up can make sex more fulfilling for both of you.
  9. Stay Positive – Sex is an important component of a healthy relationship and can help to strengthen it, too. But no matter how great the relationship is, sometimes it may become challenging to keep up the sexual connection. Sometimes getting in the mood can be difficult, and sometimes it may just be a complete turn-off for the both of you. A positive attitude can help, but getting there means communicating with your partner about any issues that are bringing about the negativity.
  10. Be Available for Your Partner – Relationships are a lot of work—but making time for your partner should not be one of them. Healthy relationships require dedicated energy and commitment, but are they worth the effort? Despite what some people might say, no relationship is perfect; listening to your partner, being open-minded, and making an effort can go a long way toward a happy, healthy, and fulfilling relationship. And, of course, sex is an important part of a healthy relationship. Making sure you and your partner prioritize and involve each other in your sex life can help foster connection, passion, and love.

Everyone tells you sex is essential and that it strengthens your relationship and can help you live longer, lower stress, and even be an important tool in combating depression and clinical anxiety. But it takes work. Many people fall into the trap of neglecting their partner in favor of work, hobbies, children, and any number of other life priorities. However, quality time alone with your partner can create a healthy and loving sex life.