Pregnancy is a journey. A long, 9 months-long journey. So when we near the end of this time, at the end of the third trimester, we can be exhausted and a little overwhelmed. This can apply to all types of pregnancies whether you’re carrying a baby to full term or using a surrogate, the process is emotionally demanding for all types of intended parents. It’s the end of the line for this stage of motherhood, and nearly the start of the next!

There’s probably a range of emotions you’re going through, and with everything happening so soon it can be easy to get overwhelmed. But take a moment to step back, have a breath, and relax. Things will be okay, and there is plenty you have time to get sorted now before everything becomes focused on your newborn.

The question is, which to do first, and how to tackle it? And so we turn to the eternal answer for all such things: A list. Just a simple list. Write down everything you know needs sorting and begin organizing them into a list you know you can tackle and handle.

If you’re not sure where to start, here’s a few ideas for things to do that can help get you started.

  • Learn the hospital – Sometimes you can take a tour, though nowadays video tours are more common. This will help you be more relaxed and aware of where you’ll be for your birth.
  • Plan the route – Much like the one above, this will help you stay calm on the big day. Knowing how to get to your destination makes things much less harrowing, after all.
  • Pack your hospital bag – Do you know what you’ll be bringing with you when you give birth? Chances are you have a good idea, but haven’t put it together yet. Use this time to get that sorted, so you’ll be ready no matter what. Make sure to include baby clothes and some things for your partner, too!
  • Stock up on snacks for when you’re in labor – It’s a long process, giving birth, and you may find yourself hungry. Packing some snacks helps stop this being an issue.
  • Get your freezer ready for after – Unless your partner is a whizz in the kitchen, preplanning meals to simply reheat will save you a lot of undue stress after your baby arrives.
  • Get a haircut – Not directly related to giving birth, admittedly, but this will help you relax for sure. Plus, once the little one is here, it may be a little more tricky to get booked in.
  • Get the home and the clothes all clean – Again, something your partner should help with, but having it done beforehand will give you some peace of mind for sure.
  • Get some comfy clothes ready – You may be glam, but you’ll want to be comfortable too!
  • Have a big, long, luxurious bath – Once the baby arrives this may be more difficult to do, so spoil yourself now while you can.
  • Get the baby seat installed in the car – Another thing to save you hassle later, and it’ll help you get used to how it works. If you don’t have a car seat already, you could check out the best brand igemm signature car seat to see if it suits your needs.
  • Learn how to get the pram out and about – You’ll become a master with this in time, but when it’s new and confusing it can help to learn the basics while you’re not also holding a baby.
  • Get the nursery all finished – Admittedly, you’ll have more time after giving birth, as your child will sleep with you for a while, but you’ll also be looking after them all the time. Better to get that all sorted beforehand, right?
  • Shop for baby products – Whether you need to buy some portable changing tables or a pack of nappies, make sure you’re prepared for the arrival.
  • Get those shows you’ve always wanted to watch ready – You’ll have plenty of time once the baby is here to binge a bunch of shows, so get them ready to go now. Maybe even make a list of what you want to watch first! You can also get a VPN service to access shows available only in a few geo-locations. You may have to surf through the internet and read a few blogs on how to watch netflix with vpn or other streaming platforms and catch on your watch list./li>

There you go, a small list to help you on the way. Hopefully this has helped you understand just how much you can still achieve with this last month. Do make sure to rest up, however – pregnancy is no small thing, and your body is carrying a whole person around at this point. It is difficult to overestimate just how much you need to look after yourself in these times.

Still, with a list in hand you should be able to sort out the last things you need to get under control. So, one step at a time, take your last month gently, be kind to yourself, and prepare for that beautiful experience to come.