Plants bring a beautiful atmosphere into your home, and are well worth the time it takes to water them. Still, it can be sad if they wither away due to a lack of light, and while we could spend the time moving them around to counter this, it’s a lot of work. Instead, it’s better to consider our home conditions. Do we have enough light for outdoor plants to live inside? If not, then getting plants that need less light is the better option for sure.

You may think that’s difficult to find, but good news – there’s plenty of options out there for your home that are beautiful and low maintenance. You often don’t need to water these plants every day – in fact for some, it’s better that you don’t.

  • Lucky Bamboo

Said to bring good luck and able to grow in any conditions, bamboo is a great option for someone to bring into their home. Whether you keep it in pure water, or plant it in a pitcher or any other container, these hardy plants will grow and thrive in any home. Even if you forget to water them for a long time, they will hold on for a lot longer than other plants before crumpling. This makes them a great first plant option to consider.

  • Snake Plant
    Want a powerhouse plant that looks great even if neglected for a while, removes toxins like formaldehyde and benzene from your home, and doesn’t need a lot of fussing? The snake plant is for you. With over 70 kinds available, and plenty of sizes you can keep them at, they make a great option for a small flash of green or as part of a large collection.
  • Calathea
    It’s often seen in office spaces due to its hardy nature and enjoyment of less natural light, but that doesn’t mean the Calathea doesn’t deserve a place in your home. If anything, it makes it a prime candidate for any bigger space that needs some green. The wide leaves with its darker stripes can make a striking counterpoint to a minimally designed home, and their lesser demands for water make them low maintenance. They even flower in the spring!
  • Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a multitasking plant. Make sure you get the right breeds that can be eaten or used on your skin if you plan to that, and only use the inside gel. They’re beautiful plants that look striking in their own right, and have so many used around the home that they’re almost worth it for the practicality alone.

  • English Ivy

Ivy is a great indoors plant, especially if you manage to tame it and guide it to grow across specific items across your space. You can make a lush area out of your home very easily with this plant. Whether you let it grow up or hang it down from planters is up to you.

  • Small Lily

Lilies are beautiful, elegant plants. They also prefer forests and less bright areas, making them perfect for homes that don’t have a lot of natural light. In fact, they make great centerpieces for tables and a way to brighten up a home office. Just be careful if you have a cat, as it is poisonous to them. That’s the one downside of this beautiful plant, but if you cut out the stamen from the flowers, it should be fine. Always check with a vet in these circumstances, though.

So there you go, 6 great plants to liven up your home with a splash of green, and all of them easy to have in a home that may not be the best lit. You can always add on more plants as time goes on, but starting with the easier options makes a lot of sense. A green thumb doesn’t happen overnight, so get to it!