To bear and grow a child is one of the best things in the world. It may be a responsibility and a commitment, but it’s always worth it. Despite the hardships we may have experienced while having a child, it brings one-of-a-kind happiness that is surely the treasure of a lifetime. However, as developments start to come to our child, changes are happening in every aspect. One of those is in the mental and psychological aspects, which trigger behavior and emotions. These then trigger them to argue with us, which may bring a lot of reverse effects.

We all know that arguing must be avoided in any possible way. Also, we should not argue with our partner in front of our children. Constant arguments between couples can cause the wrong impression about relationships and affect a child’s mental health. While some couples may file for divorce to put an end to their constant fights and issues, it might be reasonable to get the assistance of a family counselor before taking any drastic decisions. Moreover, parents may have to consider the impact of their actions on the children. Here are the reasons why you shouldn’t fight in front of your kids.

It makes them cry

The first is because arguing with our children in the room can make them cry. Children can cry both from small and big things. Since arguing can have raising voices, physical and verbal abuse, and other traumatic experiences, children can only think of crying as their call for help. This is not good for their mental and psychological development since we expose them to anger, hatred, and violence at an early age. The only thing that must be discussed in a private place like a room is when disciplining them or planning for surprises. Arguing mustn’t be done in a closed room since our children can taste the fear of speaking out and violence.

It is unhealthy

Compared to us, our child still has a lot of things to develop to become good individuals. However, if we are going to make arguing with them in a room a habit, then this will affect their growth. The mental and psychological development of our child will be the most affected if this will happen.

Also, the room symbolizes a closed box which can hinder our child’s interest in speaking out. Instead of throwing our anger towards them in a room, it is better to have a calm talk. This will help our children to be brave and speak out their thoughts. Another thing, it will make our child feel comfortable rather than afraid of telling the truth. If not, it will push our children to lie all the time they feel to be lashed.

It urges them to isolate

After we argue with our child in a room, it urges the feeling of isolation. Instead of going out and socializing with friends, they will think of the arguments while in isolation. This is the scary part since our child starts shutting people out. Instead of making fun with friends, they like it better to be alone and do everything on their own. Also, they will not ask for any help as they want to resolve every concern alone.

Isolation is not and will never be a good thing, especially to a young mind, since it hinders development in every possible aspect. It hinders our children from dreaming and doing anything they feel happy about.

It affects mental health

Our mental health is important. Keeping it healthy may require a lot of work, yet it is always worth it in the end. But not just us adults, our children also need to have effective mental health. However, if we argue with them in a room and not let them express themselves, this will trigger ruined mental health. This can lead to anxiety, depression, sadness, and a lot more negative things such as drug and substance abuse. Which could further lead to trauma in the recovery process as they might need to be checked in rehab facilities far from home such as Sunshine Behavioral Health in Colorado Springs. This is just one potentially dangerous effect on their mental health. Worse of all, it can also lead them to end their own life.

Moreover, mental health is not a joke. It is a necessity and contributes to our overall well-being. It is also important to note that mental health can affect anyone of any age. It doesn’t just happen to one group of people. It happens to everyone and can be triggered by a number of different reasons, such as arguments, financial problems, and job loss. While adults may feel like they can cope better with mental health because they have the option of taking something like cannabis (visit somewhere like breeze recreational cannabis for more information), you still need to get it treated. If you don’t, it could affect your mental state going forward. The same applies to our children too.

If we are going to ruin our child’s mental health at a very young age, then they will not have a bright future ahead. They will always blame themselves and start to feel hopeless about life. Every argument, they will think of it as torture.

Children are treasures, and arguing with them in a room where a lot of negative effects can be produced must not be done. As responsible guardians and parents, it is our responsibility to help them grow, learn, and become effective individuals.